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OHLNetwork e-Gaming: Intro and Prizes for OHL Playoffs Digital Style

 e-Gaming OHL Playoffs 2019-20

Time for some e-gaming OHL playoff hockey!

While the league is diligently and responsibly planning the return of the OHL playoffs due to Covid-19 precautions, to ensure the safety of all those involved, hockey has been paused, but not on all mediums.

OHLNetwork e-Playoffs Background

Welcome to the e-playoffs! Using NHL 20’s playoff mode, we can put the 16 teams who would qualify for the playoffs if the OHL decided to use current standings and to use EA Sport’s sim engine to predict an eventual winner. This will sim the four rounds of the OHL Playoffs producing a champion of the 2019-20 Digital Cup. Teams will be reseeded as necessary and the journeys of all 16 teams will be followed along the way.

How’s this E-Gaming OHL playoff will work

Details will be posted at the end of what settings on the game will be used (for nerds like me). For the most part rules of the OHL Playoffs will be followed and lineups will be updated when able to. See this webpage for a guide on the rules I am borrowing for the e-gaming.

E-Gaming OHL Playoffs
No, it’s not the NHL playoffs it’s the OHL Playoffs! These are the teams set to battle it out in the ePlayoffs. (Source: NHL 20).

Updates will be given on a round by round basis with the later rounds being covered in incrementally more detail as there are fewer teams and content to include. Rosters will be the most currently updated ones offered by EA Sports. This is to preserve some semblance of neutrality, and although I know they are not perfect, they represent an accurate assessment of most players. They include underage and newcomers like Shane Wright, and Jan Mysak respectively. Lines will be attempted to match current team’s lines into the playoffs but again to preserve neutrality the games computer coaching (best-lines) will be used to make sure there is a little distortion as possible in the simulations.

Injuries are difficult to manage as pre-existing injuries don’t exist in the game and the computer coaches will attempt to use the best players possible even if injured players are scratched. Therefore as the Network want’s to make this as interactive as possible, we will ask you! How would you handle injuries in this sim? Please respond to the social media posts accompanying this, and your idea will most likely make it into the developing series!

E-Gaming OHL Playoffs
An example of a game box score! This looks like it could be a tight series. (Source: NHL 20)

Where do you, the reader, come in?

We want to know what you want to see! NHL20 produces tons of data in their simulations, and there is no way a blogger could meaningfully represent all of it in a moderately sized post. Is your favourite player Shane Wright or Marco Rossi? Want to know his shooting percentage? Is Connor McMichael set to light it up? Let us know! Want to know who goes down with an injury and who then steps up for your team? Let us know! This project is meant to be as interactive as possible for the community, and although I know what kind of stuff I’d be interested in, that would be pretty boring for the rest of you.



Our CEO Paul Figler has generously donated unopened OHL hockey card packs from the 1990-1991 season! These feature hockey icons like the Big ‘E’ Eric Lindros, Glen Murray and more of hockey’s Ontarian young stars. If you are a winner of one of the competitions below, not only will you be featured in the article but you will win some packs with a chance to get the Big ‘E’.

Now there are three ways to win these packs with:

Five packs to the individual who picks the winner of the whole tournament. (Guelph, London, Ottawa, etc.) (chosen at random from all correct entries) 
Three packs to the person who predicts the scoring leader of the playoffs. (Rossi, McMichael, Robertson etc.)
Three packs to the winner on OHL playoffs MVP: This one’s a long shot but if you can predict this, three retro packs will be sent to you. (Tip: Goalies or leading scorers are often picked for this, for example, if you think Ottawa will win than Marco Rossi / Cedrick Andree is most likely going to be the MVP.)

Bonus Packs may be sent to people who interact with the posts on Twitter, and if you suggest something that makes it into the series, we may also send you a couple of packs!

(Note: Must be a Canadian resident to enter)


E-Gaming OHL Playoffs
Here are some of the stats NHL collects, (Source: NHL 20)

Here are the settings I’m using for this sim!

Period length: 15 minutes, Game style:  Full Simulation.

Rules: OHL, fighting decreased to one-half frequency.

Gameplay: All games simmed, games with unique or odd sims will have their box scores shared. (In a trial run a goal was scored from behind the net).

Seeding: Based off of data from March 16.

Anything I missed? Send a tweet to @aidanbatt on twitter!

Let’s get the puck dropped on some e-gaming OHL Playoffs action!