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2020 NHL Entry Draft Profile: Jacob Perreault

2020 NHL Entry Draft Profile: Jacob Perreault

OHL Team:  Sarnia Sting       Position: RW        Shoots: Right

Date of Birth: April 15, 2002       Height: 5’11”       Weight: 198 lbs

OHL Priority Selection: 2018 | Sarnia Sting | 1st Round (#19 Overall)

Perreault OHL Sting
Jacob Perreault of the Sarnia Sting. Photo by Terry Wilson / OHL Images.

In his sophomore season with the Sarnia Sting, Jacob Perreault established himself as one of the more offensively gifted drafted-eligible prospects. His 39 goals and 31 assists gave him a 15-point boost from his rookie season and he was the second-most productive point producer on a struggling Sarnia team. His ability to put the puck in the back of the net placed him just outside the top-ten in goals. Additionally, Perreault became a player that teams needed to keep a close eye on either on transition or in the offensive zone. Not giving him the necessary attention typically led to a goal in Sarnia’s favor.

Areas of Strength

Jacob Perreault is the total package in terms of offense. He’s an elite-level goal scorer with a wicked shot and the ability to produce from tricky angles. He can shoot from head-scratching areas and get the puck past the netminder. His skating, stick-handling, and physicality are all top-notch as well and his creativity makes him unpredictable for the opposition. A telling aspect of Perreault’s production is most of his points are of the primary variety. Of course, 39 goals will help that along. Still, NHL teams will like knowing that a lot of his passes directly led to goals.

Even though he produced 70 points in 57 games, Perreault’s numbers can be a bit deceiving. His 31 assists don’t quite paint a completely accurate picture of his skill as a playmaker. His passing and playmaking abilities are actually very good and slightly underrated. Unfortunately, Perreault can thank playing on a poor team for that. A large portion of his passes didn’t result in goals simply because of the skill level of the recipient.

When it comes to the offensive side of the game, there really is nothing Perreault needs to improve upon. The fact that he hasn’t reached his ceiling makes him an attractive pick solely based on what he can do with the puck on his stick.

Areas in Need of Improvement

This section must be prefaced with the fact that Sarnia, as a whole, was an abysmal team defensively. They gave up a ton of goals, making them the third-worst team in the league in terms of goals-against. So when someone sees Perreault’s minus-34 on the stat sheet, they must keep in mind that the quality of his team played a major role in that. Still, his individual defense and overall effort in his own zone need work. More times than not, the attention to his defensive play and intensity in that area weren’t there. Luckily, this is a very coachable aspect of the game and should get corrected as he continues to develop.

Pick Projection for Jacob Perreault

Perreault’s elite offensive skills alone should project him as a top ten pick in this year’s draft. However, most rankings not only have him outside the top ten but outside the top twenty as well. Goal scoring at the NHL level is simply something teams can’t have enough of. Although some would suggest otherwise, it’s difficult to imagine Perreault sliding past picks 15 through 18. If he’s still available come the later stages of the first round, one of the NHL’s already top teams could end up with a steal.