Barrie Colts Introduce Sports and Performance Department



The Barrie Colts in partnership with local business Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation have partnered up to bring the first Ontario Hockey League’s Sports and Performance Department.


The department is headed by Barrie Colts Head Trainer Jimmy McKnight who we spoke to about the new project he will be heading starting in the 2019 – 2020 season.


Sports Science departments have become very prevalent at the professional level, with teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs leading the way. The Colts believe that this program will help with player development and performance, and play a significant role in our ultimate goal of bringing a championship home to Barrie.

The Barrie Colts are very pleased to partner with Sports Medicine and Mind to Muscle, with whom they’ve had a tremendous relationship with since our inception. The Colts have selected Sports Medicine and Mind to Muscle because they have been industry leaders in athletic performance and injury care for over 30 years. The Colts are excited to be leaders in a new Sports Science program that will enhance our players’ development and performance.


” I am extremely excited for the season to start, being the first of its kind in the league, all eyes are on this program. It’s up to me to make sure it not only runs smoothly, but it achieves its goals. Like every player and staff that show up to the rink every day, I want to win, and I’m not going to sit back and hope that it happens. I am going to do everything I can to make it happen.”

– Jimmy McKnight, Head Trainer, Barrie Colts Hockey Club


Jimmy then went onto to outline the three main goals for the program


1) To push each individual player to their “peak” potential
2) To reduce the prevalence of injuries
3) To avoid mental and physical “burnout” especially late in the season/playoffs

“So essentially this program is going be using state of the art equipment and techniques to gather as much quantitative data on each individual player. Then how we use that data will allow us to meet our goals as a program”


McKnight then finished by saying he thinks of the team as a race car

– The players together make up the car
– Coach is the Driver
“If we have a Hall of Fame driver getting behind the wheel, he wants to be sure the car is running properly, every part should be doing its job to the best of its ability, that way he can execute the race as planned. My job and the Sports Science Department’s job is to constantly be testing and monitoring every aspect of the car, tweaking things where necessary, and avoiding any major breakdowns. The program is the garage, while myself and the rest of the staff are the mechanics.  It is a full-season job, and we will be pushing these players to be the best they can be”
The Sports and Performance Department will be made up of the following members

Jimmy McKnight – Head Athletic Therapist and Strength Coach

Greg Eskedjian – Team Nutritionist

Dr. Ian Maxwell – Team Physician

Dr. Gord A. Crawford – Team Surgeon

Paul Matheson – Skating Development Coach

Paul Henry – Sports Psychologist

For more information about this program please contact:

Jimmy McKnight
Head Athletic Therapist & Strength Coach