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OHL Network Writers Poll – 2019-20 Season Awards

2019-20 OHL Network Poll

Since the OHL season has come to a close, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the stand out performers from this past season.

The OHL recently released their Coaches Poll and that sparked an idea to have some members of OHL Network along with other media members around the league share their opinions on who they think some of the top players were this season.

Our OHL Network Players Poll gives us the opportunity to recognize the top three players throughout the league in 14 different categories.

We asked a group of people to submit their top three players for each category. Votes are weighted; three points for a 1st place vote, two points for a 2nd place vote, and one point for a 3rd place vote. The points are added up and the players with the three highest point totals are the winners of those categories.

We had a number of players appear multiple times. Shane Wright, Marco Rossi, Nico Daws, Cole Perfetti, and Jamie Drysdale are just a few of the players to appear more than once. Shane Wright was an overwhelming favourite for rookie of the year. Both defensive categories were dominated by Ottawa 67s teammates Kevin Bahl and Noel Hoefenmayer. The surge of the Flint Firebirds put coach Eric Wellwood at the top of his class.

Without further ado, here are the full results:

OHL Writers Poll Winners

Most Underrated Player

  1. Connor Corcoran (WSR)
  2. Chad Yetman (ER)
  3. Evgeniy Oksentyuk (FLNT)

Honourable Mention: Luke Moncada (NB)

Most Improved Player

  1. Nico Daws (GUE)
  2. Jack Quinn (OTT)
  3. Luke Evangelista (LDN)

Honourable Mention: Tyson Foerster (BAR)

Most Valuable to Their Team

  1. Quinton Byfield (SBY)
  2. Shane Wright (KGN)
  3. Nico Daws (GUE) & Jacob Ingham (KIT)

Honourable Mention: Marco Rossi(OTT)

Hardest Working Player

  1. Damien Giroux (SAG)
  2. Keean Washkurak (MISS)
  3. Nick Robertson (PBO) & Kyle MacLean (OSH)

Honourable Mentions: Luke Boka (WSR) & Vladislav Kolyachonok (FLNT)

Smartest Player

  1. Marco Rossi (OTT)
  2. Cole Perfetti (SAG)
  3. Shane Wright (KGN)

Honourable Mention: Jamie Drysdale (ER)

Best Skater

  1. Jamie Drysdale (ER)
  2. Thomas Harley (MISS)
  3. Liam Foudy (LDN)

Honourable Mention: Jean-Luc Foudy (WSR)

Best Shot

  1. Nick Robertson (PBO)
  2. Connor McMichael (LDN)
  3. Arthur Kaliev (HAM)

Honourable Mention: Pavel Gogolev (GUE)

Best Stickhandler

  1. Cole Perfetti (SAG)
  2. Joseph Garreffa (OTT)
  3. Evgeniy Oksentyuk (FLNT)

Honourable Mention: Nick Robertson

Best Goaltender

  1. Nico Daws (GUE)
  2. Jacob Ingham (KIT)
  3. Brett Brochu (LDN)

Honourable Mention: Cederick Andree (OTT)

Best Rookie

  1. Shane Wright (KGN)
  2. Brett Brochu (LDN)
  3. Brandt Clarke (BAR)

Honourable Mention: Mason McTavish (PBO)

Best Defensive Defenceman

  1. Kevin Bahl (OTT)
  2. Alec Regula (LDN)
  3. Jacob Paquette (PBO)

Honourable Mention: Connor Corcoran (WSR)

Best Offensive Defenceman

  1. Noel Hoefenmayer (OTT)
  2. Ryan Merkley (LDN)
  3. Jamie Drysdale (ER)

Honourable Mention: Thomas Harley (MISS)

Best Defensive Forward

  1. Kyle MacLean (OSH)
  2. Damien Giroux (SAG)
  3. Marco Rossi (OTT)

Honourable Mention: Cam Hillis (GUE)

Best Coach

  1. Eric Wellwood (FLNT)
  2. André Tourigny (OTT)
  3. Dale Hunter (LDN)

Honourable Mention: Mike McKenzie (KIT)

OHLNetwork Poll 2019-20

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