Terry Wilson

Ottawa 67s: The emergence of Ranvir Gill-Shane, Jack Quinn, and a record setting team.

There has been plenty going on around TD Lansdowne the past couple weeks, and the 67s have made an impact overseas with the IIHF World Junior tournament concluding over the weekend.

The Ottawa 67s themselves are currently on a record winning streak and by this point of the season, have completely silenced the doubters, and (currently as of writing) lead the league in points. What makes this streak all the more impressive, is the absence of their head coach, and the continued injury woes ailing the squad. Their ability to adapt and to play consistently no matter the circumstance, or personnel, truly makes them among the early favourites to qualify for the Memorial Cup.

The Ottawa 67s have won sixteen straight games as of January 9th, 2020. Photo by Terry Wilson / OHL Images.

The emergence of Ranvir Gill-Shane:

Ranvir Gill-Shane is about as Ottawa as you can get, being born and raised in the nation’s capital, and playing in the area for his entire junior career. The 16-year-old was signed to accommodate the injuries to Nikita Okhutyuk and the loan of Kevin Bahl to Hockey Canada and has impressed in his role. Slotting in on the second defence pair with OHL veteran Merrick Rippon, Gill-Shane has yet to lodge a point but has impressed with his size and skill defensively.

With the 67s website listing him at a sturdy 6-foot three inches, and 190 pounds, when Gill-Shane gets out on the ice, it’s easy to notice his size. He’s the third tallest on the team (Yule, Bahl) and largely reminds of an early Kevin Bahl in his OHL career. The 67s will have tough decisions to make when their defensive core returns, and Gill-Shane must be giving management the only desirable kind of headache.


A well-rounded team:

I’m sure if you asked Andre Tourigny and the Ottawa 67s management staff if they’d rather a solid defence or a high-producing offence, they would be the type to answer, both. The Ottawa 67s have managed to keep high-powered offences at bay while amassing large scoring totals as well. Marco Rossi leads the league in points with 69, while Andree is near the top of every goaltending category, resulting in Wins and second in shutouts with three on the season. It is also worthwhile to note that Jack Quinn has taken great strides this season, rapidly climbing up draft rankings.

The 67s have also stayed incredibly disciplined this season, with no players in the top-25 for penalty minutes. This focus has allowed them to keep momentum on their side during crucial games along the stretch, not giving their opponents any chance for an advantage. The departure of Lucas Peric has led to fewer penalties being taken from the back end, but it is worth to note that he has found his stride in Kingston, stabilizing a young roster.