Ottawa 67s: We have a trade to announce!

Bitten formerly of the Ottawa 67s (OHL Images)

Samuel Bitten has been a feature for the last three seasons with the 67s who drafted him at the 2016 OHL draft. An Ottawa native, Bitten has spent his entire life playing hockey in Ottawa until today when he was traded to the Sarnia Sting for two draft picks. Bitten will have a new start in Sarnia where he certainly will fly up to the depth chart and have an opportunity to prove himself to college and pro-scouts alike.


On Wednesday, August 14th, Ottawa traded forward Samuel Bitten to the Sarnia Sting in exchange for their own 2020 third-round draft pick and North Bay’s fifth-round pick in 2021.

What does this trade mean for Ottawa:

Although it would be irresponsible to say that Ottawa traded their future for Dipietro and Maksimovich, if the opportunity to replenish draft picks for a reasonable price came along, management would be all for it. The 67s have established that they want to be a consistently competitive team, and there is no way to achieve this where players move on after four years without drafting well. This is particularly difficult to manage at the junior level where the potentials of players are incredibly volatile, and the player pool is so large. Therefore, the more picks you have, the higher chance your team has of winning the lottery and at the very least the more depth you will have for the future, and this is where Bitten comes in.

Marco Rossi of the Ottawa 67''s
Star Rookie Marco Rossi Was One Of The Reasons Bitten’s Icetime Was Limited In Ottawa Photo By Terry Wilson / OHL Images

What does this trade mean for Sarnia: 

Samuel Bitten, in this case, is truly the sacrifice of success, as the 67s in recent years have drafted and produced a surplus of good centres. Although Sam Bitten has talent, due to the circumstances of his arrival and tenure in Ottawa, moving to a team with less depth at the centre position was the only way that he was going to get to prove himself, and what is better for a developing team than a player with something to prove? — Sarnia gets a tall, strong centre that is strong on and off the puck, and given a chance, could be a powerful special teams presence. Due to the incredible depth at the position in Ottawa, Bitten never really developed past the third-line role, but Sarnia fans should expect him to be comfortable starting behind Jamieson Rees as the number two centre on the team. For Sarnia who finished seventh in the Western Conference last year, this trade is a clear sign of intent for fans who want more from a team who has a few high potential players. With a busy summer and another couple of moves, the Sarnia Sting should be expected to make a good playoff push next season.